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  • 5 Self-Care Tips Perfect for Valentine’s Day

    Whether you are looking to treat a loved one or yourself, Valentine’s day is just around the corner and with most date ideas now off the table (thanks COVID) we have planned the perfect Valentine’s day at home for you to make the day feel that little bit more special. If you are struggling for …

  • Miracle Hand Wash & Hand Lotion | Moo Body

    We are very proud to announce the launch of two new additions to our Moo Body range, our Miracle Hand Wash & Hand Lotion. After the cray year that was 2020, it has become clear our health should be a priority and we need to take every step possible to ensure we feel safe, protected, …

  • Happy Veganuary!

    With 2021 in full swing, Veganuary is well and truly underway with millions around the world taking part! Taking this time to think about your personal environmental impact can help you set the tone for the rest of this year. Take a look at your lifestyle and see what simple and effective changes you would …

  • DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

    Have a guilt free Christmas this year by changing your wrapping paper to a more sustainable alternative!

  • Our Christmas Gift Guide- Body Edition

    If you have not seen our previous blog post on our hair care Christmas guide, then please go check that out. If you have and you want to see what more we have to offer, we have been working hard this year to bring to you our first ever Moo Body Christmas gift sets! We …

  • Our Christmas Gift Guide- Hair Edition

    As you know Christmas is right around the corner and we over here at Moo & Yoo have been feeling super festive getting all of our beautiful gift sets ready for you lovely people! To make life a little easier for you we have decided this year to release some amazing new Christmas goodies onto …

  • Moo Hair Has Re-branded!

    We are so excited to announce that we have now officially re-branded to Moo & Yoo!


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