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Moo & Yoo works closely with all of our suppliers and only with partners with companies that share our values.

Fair Trade & Organic

Marula Oil is what gives your hair the incredible shine you have come to expect from your Moo & Yoo products. Our Marula Oil is Fairtrade, sourced from a women’s co-operative in Africa which provides economic opportunities to many African women who share the rewards that the oil generates. Our 100% Pure Marula Oil is virgin, wild harvested, hand-selected and cold-pressed with no added chemicals. It is sulphate, paraben, phthalate and synthetic-fragrance free. Filtered on location in Africa, Marula Oil empowers entire communities for whom the Fairtrade harvesting of the Marula nut is a vital economic lifeline. Fairness and preserving natural resources is what Moo strongly believes in – we are proud to be using this Fairtrade wonder oil.

Sustainable Moss

Soothing, moisturising and anti inflammatory, Icelandic moss really is a wonder ingredient.  Icelandic moss is responsibly harvested between May to October, it is firstly, cleansed of any impurities, before being sun-dried or air-dried for later use. Thanks to its location, Icelandic moss is one of the purest algae on the planet. It grows in clean air only, and will not survive close to cities. It thrives so well in Iceland, as one of the least polluted countries in the world.

Palm Oil Free

Our ingredients are sustainable and sourced from renewable sources. Our products are palm oil free. Our products (except hair spray) are made from 95%+ natural derived ingredients. We define “natural derived ingredients” as those which 100% of the molecule comes from a plant, non-petroleum mineral, water, and other natural sources, obtained through “clean” chemical reaction. Our hair spray is made from 86% natural derived ingredients.

No Nasty Chemicals

There are no parabens or sulphates in our products. We do not use any harsh chemicals, SLS, synthetic detergents and all are free from artificial colourings. All products are over 96% biodegradable.

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